Monday, September 22, 2008

Think and Tell

The last post made me get all sentimental, wanting to look through old yearbooks while listening to Green Day's Good Riddance.

Tell me some childhood memories or any ole memory so we can be thankful for them.


sheldinski said...

that's funny, i was just looking through some photos and cards from when i was in spain for a semester, and one made me laugh out loud. it was an old lady, she said "you think you're sick. my aunt mary, she used baking soda toothpaste while she had a yeast infection and a high fever and the next day she broke out in muffins."

Wesley said...

HaHaHa. This was a postcard I'm assuming. Everyone I know who has studied abroad has said it was a great experience. I would like to study abroad in Ireland but its too expensive and in Ireland I probably would not get too much studying done. Spain was awesome I know, especially with your major

Scott Brown - said...

A dresser under my pillow.

Wesley said...

Scott, lol, had to go out big. Boyce is full of funny memories. One that comes to my mind is the four guys in our dorm, including Evan and John Cabel who dressed in black and would bust into various rooms around 3am. three would yell 'arab' taunts, another would blow his trombone, another would take a picture of the unsuspecting sleepers. They had a picture of Amel levitating a foot off his bed when they did it to him.

And of course there is the grape drink made using a paper funnel and microwaved hotdogs and popeye spinach.

Norma said...

I have many fond memories of you up in the trees in the back yard. The most recent one was in the last year and you and Dave were up the same tree.

Another is of you studying in one of the trees when we homeschooled. I think it because one of your favorite study spots.

Another one is of you in the BIG Oak tree that fell on our house during the storm of 1993.

These are just tree memories. I have so many fond memories through the years of you and Elaine growing up. I thank God for each.

Boyce - you guys did have a great time up there. I'm glad I got to see it while you were there. Leaving you there broke my heart but it was the right thing to do AND you came back! :>)

Naomi said...


The memory that stands out most about you is the year that you turned 13 and your Mom was not with us at the cabin and I took all kinds of pictures of you to show how much you grew up from 11:59 to 12:01 the day of your B-Day. Do you remember that?

I also remember you and Jonathan folding, messing up my blanquettes to see if I would realize they were messed up and straighten them since I cannot sleep with cricks in my blanquettes.

Wearied aunt! right?

Wesley said...

Mama, Yea I love climbing and studying in trees. Good times. I wish that huge oak was still back there.

A.Naomi, I do remember that. I know Mama was sad to be away from me and I think Elaine too on our Bdays but I had a great time becoming a teenager with you guys.