Monday, September 22, 2008

Reminiscent Pixels

This picture was taken on Christmas morning of 2006. Lyrics to a song that I began writing years ago: "Pictures hanging on the wall will fall in time into your mind answering the question of 'where do days go?'" It amazes me to look at pictures like this remembering who we were then in light of who we are now. Elaine and Dave were not married but had met. I had not met Andrea (I look so happy...jk) and was rooming with Dave at the Oaks. Its time to dust off old journals and remember what was going on then.


Norma said...

Christmas 2006
We did our traditional Christmas. It would be our last Christmas with just the four of us. That was not a bad thing, it was the fact. We enjoyed breakfast and then Daddy read the Christmas story to us out of Luke. We then exchanged Christmas gifts. I gave you that picture of the girl with the Coca Cola – since you collect Coke items, right? (At some point I got it in my mind that Wesley collected Coke items, but apparently I started collecting for him.)

Aunt Naomi came to be with us on Christmas day so we exchanged gifts with her and Grandmother after she arrived.

Dave spent Christmas morning with his family and then came over. His parents and Amanda joined us around 2 p.m. for Christmas Dinner.

We did a lot of visiting.

Love you,
Your Mama

Scott Brown - said...

Did you ever write any more of that song? I know I've heard the first line many, many times.