Friday, October 3, 2008

No Marriage in Heaven

Afternoon naps should be included in our lists of what we call "means of grace." I tend to become dependant on naps and therefore only take one every couple of weeks or so. A few days ago I laid down to take a nap and started to think: 'why do we have to wait to fall asleep to begin dreaming?' That place between sleep and wakefulness seems just as good or better a time to dream because you have some level of control over the content of the dream. And so, physically tired and mentally in a sort of daze, I began to imagine, began to pseudo-dream: We were sitting outdoors in a grassy place in the kind of weather that promises you that you should be exactly where you are. There was at least one huge hundred-year-old oak tree nearby giving shade to the four of us. The thought of sitting there with the three women, each of whom are dear friends, one of whom I dated, the other two of whom I at one time or another were somewhat interested in dating and whom I still care for, did not concern me; we were together at peace, talking and laughing together with no worries and the best of intentions for each other.

If this dream were to actually happen now, I'm not sure how I would act. Each of these women bring out a Wesley in me that only they can. If I were forced to be Wesley one, two and three at the same time perhaps some new and better person would emerge but I can't imagine what he would be like. This made me think of how relationships will look when God's kingdom is complete however that may come about. Imagine a world, a city with no adversity, no jealousy, with peace and unity with God. How should we think and live now in light of the future?

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Norma said...

Beautiful picture - the word harmony comes to mind.

I think we are all different things to different people depending on what they need us to be at a particular time in their lives. I think it can change for each person. Example: you don't need me to be who I was for you when you were 6, 13, 18 etc...

I've never really thought about this.