Monday, March 24, 2008

Week of Family

This past week has been the most memorable Spring Break I have ever had; perhaps it is "the most memorable" because it has just ended as opposed to other Spring Breaks which ended years ago. Really though, it has been memorable for other reasons. My Uncle Jay and Aunt Naomi, who live in Fort Worth Texas, and my Uncle Guy, Aunt Elena and cousin Vanessa, who live in Rio, came to Jacksonville for the week. On March 18th, my Mom's Birthday, we all went to The Jacksonville Landing, where we walked along the river on the boardwalk after visiting the toy store which is always fun to play in. We sat and drank at Starbucks for a while and learned that picture-taking is not allowed there, although Elaine got the picture she wanted. I mentioned this to Scott S. and we came up with the idea of getting a digital camera and attaching a role of film to it. Start taking pictures until you are warned of the company's policy then rip the film out. This will cause the faithful-to-company-policy baristas to believe that any evidence that might have been sold to conspiring coffee shop owners has been destroyed.
On March 19th, which was a beautiful day to go to St. Augustine, we went to St. Augustine and visited many of the shoppes, ate fudge, watched a magic show/sales pitch. The fort was closing as we got to the entrace which gave us, free of charge, a better understanding of how the British forces under Governor Moore must have felt outside the Castillos' walls. The Castillo de San Marcos has never been conquered by force.
Night after night of dinner and fellowship with my family; I am thankful for this.