Friday, July 1, 2011

Keep Praying Naomi

My sister and brother-in-law have been teaching my niece Naomi to pray, especially before meals, and she has learned one prayer which I have come to appreciate very much: "Help Uhnote find wife." We are in this together Naomi, thank you for praying, after all you want to have some cousins don't you? I always thought I would get married around 22 or so and am now 27. I am enjoying life despite not having the companionship of a wife but probably need to be married before too long. Today was both dis- and en- couraging. I was studying at Lake Ella in Tallahassee this afternoon for my upcoming sermon. In the middle of thinking about the nature and awesomeness of Jesus' parable of the sower I looked up to see this absolutely gorgeous, "marry-me", beautiful, etcetera woman walking toward me. Ashley is a news reporter for a local station here in Tallahassee and was working on a story and wanted the opinion of locals concerning the possibility of Starbucks, Burger King, and Sonic selling alcohol. She taped my thoughts and then we began to talk for a bit and found out that we had both lived in Jacksonville and both studied at UNF and both graduated at the same time from the same College (Arts and Sciences) and had both been in Tallahassee for only a month. When I got home I called the news station and asked if there was reporter named Ashley there and the operator sent me to her voice-mail because she was "out in the field" so I left a message. I asked what time the story would be on TV and asked if she would like to go to lunch or for coffee some day. She called back while I was leaving the message and I asked her the same things. She said to let her think about it and (because) she has a boyfriend. Sigh... The encouraging part about today is that those kind of meetings happen. Keeping me chin up.


Norma said...

Oh Buddy ... it will happen and yes, those things do happen and it only takes one day to find "HER"! You know Naomi is not the only one who prays for your wife ... I do and have for years. God knows who she is and I pray he lets you in on that information really soon. Love ya

Dave and Elaine said...

Your little peanut prayed that just last night!