Friday, March 4, 2011

Spontaneous Trip to Niagara Falls

1) Convinced Renae to spend the day with us, leaving for Niagara Falls around 2:30 PM and returning to Pittsburgh around 3:00 AM. She has a ten page paper due today. But thankfully she is crazy on a regular basis and has become accustomed to such shenanigans. There are no dull moments with Nae Nae :) I would trust Charley with my life but it was funny, the first time Charley drove my car he stalled out after we talked about the fact that he could indeed drive stick.

2) This is the farthest north I have ever been, been pretty far south (Brasil) and East (Israel). The only direction I have yet to go is West (have every intention of going to Hawaii though).

3) We wondered...what would someone think and feel just before going and then going over the edge. Charley suggested that it would be more than just a simple fear of death. I agree. Surreal place.

4) Cheers! To doing what we say we are going to do. Charley and I have talked about wanting to go to Niagara Falls since last semester. In this restaurant we enjoyed delicious pizza and beer (so American of us and I guess Canadian too :)

5) On our way home I discovered that I have my own village.


Anonymous said...

Good times. Happened.

Wesley said...


Just as they are bound to, they did indeed happen. We need to start thinking about the logistics of our summer adventures, both in Fl, if you do decide to visit me in Tallahassee (hopefully you can find people to take care of the garden while you are gone and hopefully your car will make it:) at least you have faith in her)as well as the "Huckleberry" if we can find a raft to borrow. Camping would be a good alternative though.