Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Angels Appearing?

A couple of nights ago my house-mate Todd and I were hanging out with Todd's girlfriend, who was visiting from out of town, and a couple of other friends. I was tired and came on home to sleep and indeed fell into a deep sleep (on the awesome queen-size-pillow-top bed I found in the beer barn). Todd and Stacy came on back to the house for a bit and then Stacy left to go to the house she was sleeping at. As Todd was walking Stacy to her car she closed the door as Todd was telling her not to close it because he did not have his keys with him. So Todd was locked out and had to come around back to my bedroom window which has been open since we moved in. The head of my bed was, until I rearranged things this morning, right next to the window. I woke up to Todd calling out, "Wes...Wes..." and I woke up in a daze, looking around my room but seeing nothing and still hearing this voice and became, for a few long seconds, frightened at what I literally thought was some sort of angel or something speaking to me in the night. I was thinking of several stories in the Scriptures about angels appearing and or speaking to people whose reaction was always fear. I now understand what it is like to have an unusual presence present in your most comfortable place. Homiletics 101.


Norma said...
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Norma said...

If it had been an Angel, he would have called you Wesley! :>)