Sunday, December 6, 2009

Teeth and the Resurrection

It is exciting when a baby gets her first teeth and even more exciting when she looses her baby teeth allowing her permanent teeth to begin growing. Baby teeth must die in order for adult/new/mature teeth to grow in place of the old ones. Permanent teeth have to be taken care of if they are in fact going to be permanent. They have to be brushed and flossed and can't have too many immature sugary substances influencing/on them for long. Many times they need braces to put them in line and retainers to keep them there. They are prone to decay unless they are constantly kept clean, washed. Deep roots also help in assuring their permanence but are not necessary. It is exciting when a baby is born, when a new life begins, but even more exciting when the baby/immature/fleshly life passes away only for the adult/mature/spiritual life to begin to grow. And this new life has to be nutured within the context of the Church.

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Norma said...

So true, Wesley. I don't know how people going through difficult times can do it without the Lord and the support of their church family.