Friday, September 18, 2009

Roomate Games

One of my roommates and I have started a scare-you-when-you-least-expect-it game and we are currently at an even four to four. This started one day when we were walking through Publix to pick up some snacks and what not for a little road trip. I saw a pack of those little firecrackers, the ones where you pull the string and and they make a loud noise and shoot out streamers. So far, our techniques have consisted of setting off the firecrackers unexpectedly and at close range and hiding around corners, jumping out and yelling. [Well, as I was writing this post my other roommate decided to join in by sneaking into my room and grabbing my chair and to 4 to 1. So dishonorable, sneaking up behind me, like shooting someone in the back, although he didn't break either rule: 1) not while the victim is shaving or 2) sleeping.] We just established the rules this morning after Jason got me after I finished shaving. He was tempted to get me while shaving but then remembered another, golden rule and waited. I am planning, plotting how to take it to the next level and have come up with an idea. It will have to wait for a night when Jason closes at Red Lobster and Jamie and I are already home, or it could be when Jason and I are both home before Jamie gets home. I am going to empty out the fridge (wont take long at all) including the shelves and get inside, waiting for whoever it is to open the door. By the way, it is a myth that you can't open a fridge from the inside (another story).

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Naomi said...

Your Grandaddy Cowsert loved to play tricks on his roommates/school mates. He was pretty good at them. You come by it honostly. So glad that you have established some good rules. Would like to know about fridge doors since I have heard stories of kids dying in them.