Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I Need a Strategy and/or Dr. Mohler's Mind

School just started back again and thank God this is my last semester, though I will miss many parts of my college stage of life. With being back at school comes running into many people that I have not seen for at least a few months of summer. I hate when someone comes up to me and says "Hey Wesley" or "Wes, whats up?" and I have no idea who they are. Their faces may look a bit familiar but to remember their name is impossible. Need to come up with some sort of strategy of remembering peoples names or have Dr. Mohler's mind switched with mine (which would be the downfall of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary) because I remember when I went to Boyce and met him he remembered my name for a long time (he would walk his dog through our dormitory and we would flock to him to try to impress him with our deep theological discoveries and so he spoke with us from time to time). One strategy I thought of was to carry a Polaroid camera so when I meet someone I can take their picture and write their name on it (although many would probably find this creepy). But seriously, there has to be a way of remembering peoples names. This is important, people value when others remember their name. Any suggestions?


Norma said...

Associate them with someone else you already know or with an object that reminds you of them. Grandpa has or had a system. Why don't you ask him about it? I don't remember the details or if it's how to remember names or something else. But it's a suggestion.

Naomi said...

Wesley, just stopped by and Wala (sp) you have several new post!!!
I have taken a course for memory and the guy I took it from is actually a world champion. He competes all over the world. He has a facebook account and I can write you with it on facebook. Norma is right. What he says is to see a picture in someone's face and then use that as your hook to remember. Now, if I understand it right, he has actually established a picture for common names and uses those. We have his cd's. He has one CD only on scripture memory. He is really a facinating young man.