Friday, March 20, 2009

Girl in Picture ->

My mom recently asked me who the girl in the picture to the right is. Natalie and I met at Red Lobster and started hanging out all the time one summer. I remember having weekly religious discussions at Chick-Fil-A while her son would play (hit other kids) in the play place. She has been a faithful Jehovah's Witness for large portions of her life. Last summer or the one before that (they sometimes run together in my mind) she was very into her religion. We both enjoyed being pushed to explain our respective beliefs and would sit for hours doing the same. These were good times and I miss them. Natalie took out a loan to go to school to become a masseuse (although you are not supposed to use the name 'masseuse' because of the whorish ways of those women who first bore the name) and decided to take me out one night because she had extra money. We went to an awesome fine-dining-like restaurant where we enjoyed excellent food and delicious wine. Then we played pool at Alehouse. This picture was taken later that night at Dick's Wings where we listened to some dueling pianos; they were talented musicians and knew every song that was requested. This was one of those nights that I will cherish the memory of forever.

It is strange to think of how people, some merely acquaintances, others close friends, come in and out of and sometimes back into our lives again. I rarely talk to the ten or so close close friends I had in high school and much less to other friends from high school. I have not had any contact with Natalie for months now since she moved and got a new phone. All of this to say that friends coming in and out of our lives seems to be a normal part of life, not necessarily a good or bad part, and memories are an awesome gift.


Norma said...

I remember those days ... you talking about them ... others seeing you there and commenting to me about it. It made me think of one of my best friends in High Schook, Lynne. We seldom communicate but every 3 years when we see each other at our HS reunion, we just pick right up where we left off. Friends are a precious gift from God.

Naomi and Jay said...

Well sister, I was going to comment the same as you. I love getting to see friends I have not seen in years and realize just that: We can pick up right where we left off. Wesley, you are so blessed to have so many wonderful and dear friends with great memories. I love you,
A. Naomi