Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Jazz Vespers at St John's Cathedral

When you walk into the cathedral it is obvious that something serious is about to happen. We sat in the nave which has a ceiling that looks like the bottom structure of a ship; Jesus has turned the world upside down and we are saved as Noah was inside the ark he made. I sat down in a pew and looked around somewhat confused as to the purpose of everything inside the cathedral which was good. God is not simple; he is mysterious in many ways and clear in others. This is black history month so the music was primarily African-American spirituals and Jazz classics by Joplin etc. An African-American couple came in after I did and went up to a group of white people, hugging and kissing them. This was beautiful and almost made me cry. The music was beautiful and the musicians enjoyed it as much as I did. We read scripture, prayed and sang together. There was a short lesson on the courage of Esther which was amazing.


Norma said...

ESTHER - I'm studying Esther now - I would have loved to have heard the study. She was indeed a courageous woman.

She prayed and fasted for 3 days before making the decision to go before the King.

Death stared her in the face from every direction - if she did nothing, she would be killed in 11 months with all the Jews.

By going before her husband who had not requested her presence in 30 days, she could have been immediately carried off and killed. But instead, she was spared along with all the other Jews.

I love the fact that she was careful to take the time needed to tell the King what she wanted. It was at a 2nd party that she told him her request. He asked her twice at the first party what she wanted and even offered her half his kingdom.

I love this study!

Naomi and Jay said...

There is definately something to be said about cathedrals. U. Jay and I loved getting to go to and into the old cathedrals in Europe. There is so much history in those old, beautiful walls.
Love you much!
A. Naomi