Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Ironic Errand

A couple of weeks ago my roommate/friend Jamie, friend Jason and I went to Winn Dixie to buy some steaks to grill. Jason came over with a bag of extra change he had collected and said that he was going to use the coin-counting machine to change his change into cash. So, I decided to get rid of some of my change because I had never used the machine and wanted to try it. We each ended up with about forty dollars cash. The ironic part was that there were a few girls standing outside the store asking for donations to a cause we were not interested in supporting although this did serve as a reminder for me to give to worthy causes, not that their cause was unworthy, its just that there are countless causes, people etcetera to give money to while having a steak dinner with some friends is a good thing too. Ethics in a classroom is different than ethics at Winn Dixie and I must say that I did not feel guilty at all. Jason and I both walked by the girls with bags full of change and laughed because of the irony of the situation. I wish giving did not have to be prompted by an event. I wish it were like breathing, no need for posters, or explanations, just a person in need simply asking a person whose heart is filled with love for some help. There are many people I know that would have felt guilty for walking by the girls without giving which is horrible. The guilt comes from a lack of understanding what it means to give. Giving should be a free and enjoyable action on part of the giver. We are limited on how much we can give and need wisdom.

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