Monday, November 24, 2008

Its That Time of the Year

In a high pitched singing voice (Charlie Brown style): "Christmas time is here..." When cold is good because warmth is better. Families laughing loud, playing cards into the night, eating home-baked everythings such as apple bread and fudge. Giving presents we may not want but say "thank you" for anyway because we know the rules for staying on good terms with the people we know. The kind of friend I want: one who can, when given a gift from me that they do not like, tell me "I really do not like this gift and there are times when I do not like you but I love you which is different than liking you." I have a few of these and thank God for them.

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Norma said...

I love "that time of the year". I would hope you could tell your Mama if you didn't like a gift ... unless it's your Coca Cola collection. :>)

We had a great time being with you and all the Anderson NC family this Thanksgiving. Love you!