Saturday, September 6, 2008

Disappearing Breaths

Yesterday I received a text message from my friend Christy Brown, who was recently diagnosed with Crohn's disease, that said "Just gt out hospital .i died today" to which I responded with a phone call. She had gone in to have some wisdom teeth removed but ended up having five teeth taken out. The post-op medication and her body hated each other; she stopped breathing and her heart stopped pumping until they shocked her. At this point in our conversation I am beginning to feel broken (for lack of a better term...not just sad) for her but it got much worse. Much worse. Christy recently received the results of several blood tests: she has 17 viruses in her blood. She came to see me at work a week or so ago and told me these results and said that she should be dead. The doctors prescribed a number of antibiotics to her, none of which are working...she learned this yesterday. The doctor and a couple of counselors explained that she has 9 to 12 months to live. Her organs will begin to shut of her lungs is already being effected.

She has two beautiful 'babies,' a six year old boy and a five year old girl with big personalities and blonde hair neither of whom know that their mom is probably going to die soon. Christy is writing her will so that Brendon and Nelly wont be given to their sorry excuse of a father but to Christy's mom and dad who will take good care of them. My 26 year old, goofy, crazy, down to earth, truthful, beautiful friend is writing her will.

Christy wants to come to church with me again and to talk about things that otherwise wouldn't be talked about. It is good to go to the house of mourning rather than the house of rejoicing according to the wisest man ever. I pray that Christy and I will come to see more clearly, to follow more closely, to love Jesus.