Sunday, September 14, 2008

Comments and Communal Thought

Sarah Brown, my friend and fellow church member, recently mentioned wanting to comment on a post but I have never allowed comments for at least two reasons. 1) Blogging is not the best way to communicate with people; face to face conversation seems the best way to communicate. We do not appreciate place enough these cell phone ridden days and "Human actions and the places in which such actions occur are intimately related." The tendency for misunderstanding is greater when no face to face conversation takes place. And it is easy to take for granted the beauty of human interaction, the beauty of the eyes into which you look as you talk, etc. 2) Laziness: Much of what I have said on this blog is probably in need of either clarification (communication of what's in my head is hard for me often) or obliteration or modification (if false). In other words, dialogue will be helpful. Oh yea, there's a 3) I'm not a fan of 'cool post' or 'i agree' type of comments. But its no big deal if it happens anyway. The point is, substantial dialogue would be nice...

So I'm gonna try allowing comments and see what happens but not before giving all who read this a word of encouragement: make a point to enjoy the place you are currently at and the people you are currently with, or soon to be with.

If there are any previous posts that you would like to comment on tell me and I will allow comments on them.


Norma said...

Can't be face to face with everyone - Ex. Aunt Naomi - she's in TX. Aunt Elena - she's in Brasil! YOU don't live here. I find out more about you on your blog than from what you say to me. Ex. today. :>)
Some people experess themselves better in writting - your sister.
I think we do plenty of talking in our family. It's just nice to have this to supplement. What do you think?

Wesley said...

This is great example of the benefit of dialogue because I meant to include what you said about how everyone cant be face to face and how some people are better writers than they are speakers. And I even thought about Elaine. So maybe this will be nice. But honestly, I would rather just talk to you in person than on this blog.
Anyway, what I want to stay away from is allowing communication through blogging and email and cell phone to be the primary way in which I communicate.

Sarah said...

I agree.

Just kidding... Thanks for mentioning me in the post, and a recent example for me: The post I did about how we speak about people. It was nice to have feedback as a means of encouragement, and to know that my words encouraged others. But I know what you mean about the lack of face-to-face communication. But I do also appreciate the written word. I hope you enjoy your comments. :)