Thursday, August 28, 2008

"Back to school, back to school"

My roommate made me sing that song (by adam sandler in billy madison) as I walked out the door to head off to UNF once again. This fresh semester is potentially going to be one of the more enjoyable ones, what with my new found freedom having broken up during the summer, a freedom that is being mutually enjoyed by my ex and myself. I mean "freedom" in the sense that there are things one can do when single that are impossible or harder to do when in a relationship. Not sure how many classes are going to be on the schedule this semester but probably 3 or 4. Two things make me want to curse: 1) cell-phones, especially when someone picks his or her's up when we are in the midst of an actual face to face conversation or enjoying a certain place, 2) When people are unnecessarily busy and/or worrisome. I say 'unnecessarily' because I don't pretend to know what it is like to raise a family or have a full time job in addition to other responsibilities. But there are people who unnecessarily commit their selves to more than is possible to do well and then constantly worry about getting it all done. Therefore I refuse to become uninterruptable because school is too pressing. Anyway, I am excited about the new semester..."Open lands, open minds" Terry Tempest Williams.