Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Simple Decisions: Ignoring Luke 14:28

Tyler woke to the sound of his roommate washing dishes; he got out of bed and followed his normal routine which began with a trip to the Gate Station to purchase the day's New York Times and a 'small' not 'tall' coffee. After paying for the objects that would allow him to have a normal day, he walked out of the station and into the sight of a faithful evangelical. Having been spotted (did the evangelist have heat-seeking glasses?) Tyler picked up his pace to produce the illusion that he had important business to attend to, that he had a purpose worthy of continuing on uninterrupted. However, the evangelist had a greater purpose. All he wanted from Tyler was two and a half seconds of Tyler's time, the time required to pass on a Gospel tract. Relieved by the brevity of this encounter, Tyler finally got to his car and removed the Comcast advertisement that had been placed under his windshield wiper. With a stack of papers: the newspaper, the tract and the advertisement, Tyler drove home to fill his head with useful information. After reading the New York Times, Tyler decided to stop eating foods with MSG, having read an article concerning the potential negative health consequences that come from doing the same. He could afford not eating food with MSG. After reading the Gospel tract, Tyler decided to get saved, having heard that heaven was better than hell. He could afford to pray the prayer at the end of the tract and he could afford the time it would take to sign his name and write the date of his new birthday. After reading the Comcast advertisement, Tyler decided to go with the three-in-one plan; he would enjoy having cable television, high-speed Internet and telephone service with one easy payment per month. He could afford to pay the monthly bill.
Tyler wrote about the decisions he had made that day in his journal that night and then finished living his life.