Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Clean New Eyes

There is more to be seen or rather, there are different more faithful and thereby more accurate ways to see this world and the actions we perform in it. What one person's eyes see as mundane, burdensome and as something to sigh about, such as cleaning a bedroom, another set of eyes see as an incredible opportunity "to build up and glorify the world" as James Jordan describes our task as humans living on god's earth. According to Jordan, in his Through New Eyes, God has set an example for his image-bearers as to how our work should be understood and performed. "The Five-Fold Pattern of God's Work" includes taking hold of, restructuring, distributing the work of, evaluating and enjoying creation. For example, I take hold of my messy room just as god took hold of creation by his word (which can be understood as his hand at work) when he said "And God said." I restructure my messy room by putting each piece of clothing, book, plate and what not in its proper place or by making the bed just as god restructured creation by separating "light from darkness, waters above from waters below, and land from sea." The room is changed from a messy one to a clean one. I distribute the work of cleaning the room by allowing company to enter it, to sit in it with the understanding that they are not to mess it up just as god distributed "the firmament to the sun, moon, stars, and birds, the sea to fishes, and the land to animals and men." I evaluate my work saying "This clean room is good" just as god described his creation. I enjoy my work by sitting in my room resting my mind after a long day of study or work just as god enjoyed the seventh day of rest.