Monday, November 5, 2007

On MySpace

I recently created a MySpace account and even more recently terminated it; the cons of having one significantly outweigh the pros, currently. A few pros: 1) the ability to KIT with your BFFs despite their moving away or busy schedules, 2) a way to creatively express your self, 3) and I'm sure there are more. The cons (at least in my current situation): 1) it is conducive to gossip, pettiness and misunderstanding. For example, it is easy to assume wrong motives of someone when they post a certain picture or write a certain comment. The medium is undesirable as a primary means of communication between two people especially if the same two people live in the same city. And, any communication not requiring physical presence seems to be a fitting picture of the separation that occurred and occurs between god and man at and since the Fall. This is not to say that I am against MySpace definitely. In fact, I will probably create a new account in a few weeks or so. But first I want to do an experiment.