Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Beach Night

Wonderful times: Ragtime is a microbrewery in Atlantic Beach with a fitting atmosphere for a Sunday evening dinner with good friends. Although I have not yet completely gotten over the company's decision to discontinue their delicious Myboch (at least for a time), Honeybach will do. The most enjoyable part of dinner was not the food, drink, or even conversation, but the laughter surrounding all of these. After dinner, we continued the night with a walk on the beach. Vitamin D is good but there's something about a night-time beach walk, the way the sand feels between the toes (without burning them) and the darkness of the water and night sky. Looking at the stars with no agenda, no class-assignments and no schedule except the need for sleep, refreshed me more than our overpriced meal. The best part of the night, besides Scott's courageous psychological breakthrough, was the five of us laying close in the sand looking at the night sky, talking and thinking together for a while. I will never forget, especially with the help of an ongoing Memorandum.

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